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At Graphicscout24 we maintain close partnerships with our customers. We can help you if you need maintenance, product testing, support, training, retrofitting or other services that can help you increase your production.


We analyse and check your system in every detail. We identify possibilities to increase performance.


With our specialists, we guarantee a safe and professionally executed machine relocation.


Gain more security with regular maintenance. In this way, we permanently ensure high productivity and a long service life for your system.


Bring your system up to date and extend the life-time of your system.


We are at your side for advice and action whenever and wherever you need us.


Our knowledge - your profit. Together, we will exploit the full potential of your system.

Spare parts

We guarantee our customers the supply of high-quality and reliable original parts.


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The MultiStack and PostStack compensating stackers cover the needs for bundle production in all output ranges. As an option, the compensating stackers can be equipped with inline cover printing and automatic format adjustment.

Aufgabestation AU2-MNK-UTR


Kreuzleger Poststack PSK-LI

Poststack PSK-LI

Kreuzleger MultiStack MTS-LI

MultiStack MTS-LI

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Over 15,000 website visitors per month from all over the world


Worldwide network of relationships with buyers and sellers in the graphic arts industry


Over 60 years of know-how in the machine building market of the graphic arts industry


Highly qualified employees guarantee professional processing

Project management

Multilingual, all-embracing project management


Offer of attractive services around purchase and sale


Only used machinery marketplace without subscription fees


We only charge a success commission of 9% on all sales successfully made on Graphicscout24

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Spare parts & Components

Market for spare parts and individual components of machines ("click&buy").

With click&buy, spare parts can be purchased immediately.

The seller sends his offer to GraphicScout24 in accordance with point 6. GTC. Spare parts from damaged, defective or overused machine systems cannot in principle be offered for sale.

The seller is liable for the proper functioning and good condition of the spare part, and for delivery within 5 working days.

The buyer selects a spare part via click&buy and immediately pays the price to GraphicScout24 including delivery in advance. GraphicScout24 confirms receipt of payment to the seller, thereby triggering delivery to the seller.

The buyer immediately notifies GraphicScout24 of receipt of the spare parts delivery. GraphicScout24, after confirming receipt and after expiry of the buyer's cancellation period, forwards the purchase price payment, less the commission, to the seller.

GraphicScout24's commission is 9% of the purchase price, with a minimum of CHF / USD 150 for a spare part purchase.
The buyer shall immediately raise any complaints with GraphicScout24.

The buyer has a free right of withdrawal within 5 working days of receipt of the delivery. If the buyer exercises his right of withdrawal, he must notify GraphicScout24 and the seller in due time and return the goods to the public postal service or to a licensed postal service for return to the seller within the withdrawal period. The buyer will bear the cost of the return delivery and half of GraphicScout24's commission. GraphicScout24 will return payment to the buyer when receipt of the return delivery has been reported or when the buyer provides proof of the return delivery by means of proof of posting.

GraphicScout24 is entitled to temporarily or permanently exclude sellers and buyers who have outstanding debts from a click&buy transaction from the e-marketplace.


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